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... with many stories to be told! 

Coming up next: our „Types list“. Well … hem … to be precise, you know … the types of people. US! I mean, just talking ‚bout sofas all the time is boring, isn’t it? So here are our stories …

…small, tall, big, thin, narrow, wide, long, short … whatever fits best. Maybe not about everyone, but about many. Definitely about a few of us for now and maybe a few more in the future … watch out!

Sure, we talk about sofas. How could we not? It’s what we good at. Seriously, who wants to throw themselves onto a folding chair or a wooden crate?! A sofa is that one special thing, or perhaps you have 2 or 3,4,5 … or even loads of sofas!!! Your sofa-whish is our command! BTW … we have a whole range of armchairs too. So … what do you think? Yeah, yeah … ok, ok … I digress … this time this is about us. Why? … because we want to tell you our stories.

So … kick of your shoes an jump on the sofa. Flick through these pages as much as you like. Start in the middle, start an the end, you choose. I’m a newspaper an I’m here to be read :) get to know us .. I mean, you already know us, but this time you might learn something new.

Have fun … enjoy … you might even have a giggle :)